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L’Allemagne met en garde contre une augmentation des infections alors que les enfants berlinois retournent à l’école



GERMANY warned of an « alarming » rise in coronavirus infections as millions of children in Berlin return to class.

The announcement may worry parents that their children are seeing their friends today for the first time in months after schools were closed by the government to help Germany fend off the first wave of Covide-19.

Bavarian Red Cross employee takes smear test on car driver at corona testing center as local government launches testing offensive
Children are back to school for the first time in Berlin today and are required to wear masks in the hallways, but not in the classroom or on the playground

While the country has been widely praised for its approach to the pandemic and low death rates compared to other major European countries, the words of a high-ranking politician suggests that the fight against the pandemic is far from be completed.

The Germans have seen 955 new cases of the coronavirus. The last time Germany recorded a higher number was on May 9.

However, as the rate of testing increases, the chances of positive results also increase.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told local media of the « alarming » rise in infections and said Germany must « flatten the curve and reverse the trend ».

He added on Twitter: “The number of 955 new infections is alarming. Especially since it is not a question of large « hot anointed », but of smaller groups of infections.

“The main risks must be clearly named so that more targeted prevention becomes possible. « 

Germany has so far experienced 217,000 cases of coronavirus and 9,260 deaths.

Their decision to open schools in the capital today comes in sharp contrast to the UK where the issue remains a controversial topic.

About half a million pupils had to wear masks when they returned to the whiteboard in Berlin schools.

The guidelines include students and teachers to wear masks in hallways, but not during classes or on the playground.

Berlin Education Minister Sandra Scheeres said it was not possible in a school to always keep students 1.5 meters from each other, but the distance should be maintained if possible.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier warns of small rise in infection and says country must "flatten the curve" again

Students should be kept in « cohorts » – groups that should not mix – so that if there is an outbreak, only those affected should be quarantined.

Reports say there has not yet been a recorded transmission of the virus from student to teacher anywhere in the world.

Scotland will be keeping a close watch on schools which are expected to return tomorrow.

Like Berlin, physical distancing will not be enforced between students, although high schools will need to adjust classroom layouts and corridor flow « as far as possible » to encourage older children to. steer clear of.

Teachers are expected to maintain a distance of 2 m (6 ft 6 in) whenever possible, but the wearing of face coverings will not be enforced, which « is at the discretion of the individual. »

Some classes in Berlin have taken to outside education such as GutsMuths primary school, pictured here
There were 955 new cases of coronavirus yesterday.  The last time Germany recorded a higher number was on May 9

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