The main events in the reform so far

The European Commission presented the CFP reform package on 13 July 2011. Here are some of the key events since then.

Mixed reactions by Member States to CFP proposal (19 July 2011)

S&D gets rapporteurship for Basic Regulation (26 September 2011)

Commission unveils proposal for the new Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2 December 2011)

Commission publishes four CFP non-papers (23 January 2012)

Carl Haglund presents draft report, calls for sanctions against countries that do not report fisheries data (20 March 2012)

Euro Parliamentarians and Fish Ministers tackle external dimension of the CFP (20 March 2012)

Struan Stevenson presents draft report on the Common Market Organisation (21 March 2012)

Ministers criticise plan to create quota market (27 April 2012)

Ministers want fewer decisions in Brussels – but disagree on what the alternatives are (27 April 2012)

Ulrike Rodust presents draft report on the Basic Regulation (7 May 2012)

Environment Committee adopts opinion on CFP reform (8 May 2012)

Most member states say they want to delay an end to overfishing. (14 May 2012)

Council adopts general approach on CFP (13 June 2012)

MEPs table more than 2500 amendments to the basic regulation (10 July 2012)

Parliament calls for clearer fish labelling, adopts Market Regulation in first reading (12 September 2012)

Council adopts partial general approach on fisheries fund (24 October 2012)

Parliament supports more sustainable overseas fishing practices, adopts resolution on external dimension of CFP (22 November 2012)

Fisheries Committee calls for end to overfishing and discards, adopts Rodust report on basic regulation (18 December 2012)

Parliament adopts CFP reform position (basic regulation) in plenary with strong majority (6 February 2013)

EU governments want to reduce discards, but not ban them. Council finalises general approach on basic regulation. (27 February 2013)

Parliament and Council begin negotiations (together with Commission) on basic regulation and CMO regulation (Feb/March 2013)

Parliament and Council conclude negotiations on the first of the legislative files in the fisheries reform: the Common Market Organisation (CMO) (8 May 2013)

Parliament and Council reach political agreement on the main file in the reform, the basic regulation (30 May 2013)

The consolidated texts of the CMO and basic regulations are approved by Coreper and the European Parliament’s fisheries committee (14 & 18 June 2013)

Slim majority for vessel construction aid in fisheries committee vote on European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (10 July 2013)

Council finalises general approach on European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (15 July 2013)

Council formally adopts the basic regulation and market organisation regulation (17 October 2013)

Parliament adopts fisheries fund (EMFF) in plenary, rejecting vessel construction aid (23 October 2013)

Final green light for the Common Fisheries Policy reform (10.12.2013)

Parliament and Council reach political agreement on fisheries fund (28.01.2014)

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The goal was originally to have the new CFP in place on 1 January 2013, but the legislation process will continue well into 2013.

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