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EU / 2015-09-25
"The claim that Baltic Sea fishing limits are in line with scientific advice is false"
EU / 2015-06-24
Parliament delegation leaves meeting as Council refuses to budge on fishing limits.
EU / 2015-04-28
European Parliament votes in favour of quotas that would allow fish stocks to grow in the Baltic.
EU / 2015-04-21
No postponement of decision on quota ranges.
EU / 2015-04-17
Amid row on overfishing, some countries seek to postpone decision on Baltic fisheries plan.
EU / 2015-04-14
Commission and Council criticised for breaking the rules of the new fisheries legislation.
EU / 2014-12-17
"Fisheries Council slow to adhere to spirit of new CFP"
EU / 2014-12-02
3 December: Vote in fisheries committee to adapt old laws to the new discard ban.
EU / 2014-10-14
Without arguments, governments set larger cod quota than sustainable level recommended by scientists and commission.
EU / 2014-09-30
Vella approved, but without much enthusiasm from MEPs.
EU / 2014-09-23
First debate on driftnets in fisheries committee.


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          “Governments must now deliver an end to overfishing”


          To create jobs that can withstand the test of time, politicians need to repair our ecosystems. The 28 men and women who set fishing quotas have a responsibility to deliver an end to overfishing, writes Saskia Richartz, Greenpeace, ahead of the Council meeting 15–16 December.

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