Fisheries Committee: calendar 2013

2013 calendar of meetings of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee.

Timetables for the CFP reform reports in the European Parliament.

The Committee newsletter, “The Trawler”, includes a time schedule for ongoing reports.

Meeting documents for previous and coming Fisheries Committee meetings.

View the 2013 calendar for the European Parliament


Monday, 21 January, 15h00-18h30
Tuesday, 22 January, 9h00-12h30
Tuesday, 22 January, 15h00-18h30

Monday, 18 February, 15h00-18h30
Tuesday, 19 February, 9h00-12h30
Tuesday, 19 February, 15h00-18h30

Wednesday, 20 March, 9h00-12h30
Wednesday, 20 March, 15h00-18h30
Thursday, 21 March, 9h00-12h30

Monday, 22 April, 15h00-18h30
Tuesday, 23 April, 9h00-12h30
Tuesday, 23 April, 15h00-18h30

Wednesday, 29 May, 9h00-12h30
Wednesday, 29 May, 15h00-18h30
Thursday, 30 May, 9h00-12h30

Monday, 17 June, 15h00-18h30
Tuesday, 18 June, 9h00-12h30
Tuesday, 18 June, 15h00-18h00

Wednesday, 10 July, 9h00-12h30
Wednesday, 10 July, 15h00-18h30
Thursday, 11 July, 9h00-12h30

Thursday, 5 September, 15h00-18h30

Wednesday, 18 September, 9h00-12h30
Wednesday, 18 September, 15h00-18h30

Thursday, 3 October, 9h00-12h30

Monday, 14 October, 15h00-18h30

Thursday, 17 October, 9h00-12h30
Thursday, 17 October, 15h00-18h30

Monday, 4 November, 15h00-18h30

Wednesday, 27 November, 9h00-12h30
Wednesday, 27 November, 15h00-18h30
Thursday, 28 November, 9h00-12h30

Monday, 16 December, 15h00-18h30
Tuesday, 17 December; 9h00-12h30

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