Commission proposes trade sanctions against three countries over illegal fishing

The European Commission today proposed trade sanctions against Belize, Cambodia and Guinea. These three countries have been identified by the Commission as non-cooperating third countries in the fight against illegal fishing.

The proposal will have to be adopted by the Council of Ministers in order to enter into force. Ultimately, fisheries products caught by vessels from these countries are proposed to be banned from being imported into the EU.

The Commission also handed out formal warnings – “yellow cards” – to South Korea, Ghana and Curaçao, as they fail to keep up with international obligations to fight illegal fishing. These yellow cards will not, at this stage, entail any measures affecting trade. Instead the EU will work closely with the countries to resolve the identified issues and implement the necessary action plans.

More information:
Commission press release “European Commission intensifies the fight against illegal fishing”
– Comments by Greenpeace, Greens/EFA, South Korea

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