EU fisheries July–August: the quick summary

Although the European Parliament and the Council were closed for summer during most of August, many things have been happening in EU fisheries. Here’s a quick summary of some of the main events.

24 July 2013. The Commission initialled a new protocol to the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement. The deal was criticised by Western Sahara Resource Watch because it would allow EU vessels to resume fishing in the waters of occupied Western Sahara. The protocol needs to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council.

1 August 2013. The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) published a popular version of a major amount of its fish stock advice for 2014. The popular version is an easy-to-read, accessible digest of the official ICES advice. The not-so-popular version of the advice was published 28 June.

2 August 2013. NGOs published an op-ed in European Voice, expressing their concern about the Commission’s plans for aquaculture.

8 August 2013. The Commission announced deductions from 2013 fishing quotas for those Member States that declared having exceeded their quotas in 2012.

20 August 2013. The Commission adopted trade measures against the Faroe Islands to protect the Atlanto-Scandian herring stock.

22 August 2013. The Commission proposed fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2014.

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