MEPs finalise compromise proposals on fisheries subsidies

After the conclusion of the two first dossiers in the fisheries reform – the basic regulation and the market organisation – attention is now turned to the money. Members of the European Parliament today (6 June) finalised agreement on compromise amendments ahead of the committee vote on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in July.

Update 26 June: A document with the 75 proposed compromise amendments is now available. Click here to download the compromise amendments.

In January MEPs tabled more than 2000 amendments on Alain Cadec’s (EPP, FR) report on the European Maritime and Fisheries fund (EMFF).

The compromise amendments agreed today among a group of shadow rapporteurs (one MEP from each group) are the result of negotiations over the last five months. The compromises will facilitate the voting in the fisheries committee by reducing the total number of amendments to be voted on.

The compromise amendments will be sent to translation next week in order to be available in all languages ahead of the committee vote, which is scheduled for 10 July.

The compromises, which Alain Cadec expects will get majority support in the fisheries committee, include proposals that would allow public money to be spent on the construction of new vessels (replacing old vessels), on new engines and on temporary cessation of fishing activities. The compromises include an objective that these measures shall not increase the fishing capacity.

Alain Cadec told shadow rapporteurs that he will seek a mandate from the fisheries committee to start trilogue negotiations with the Council before the first reading in plenary. Given that the plenary may make changes to the report adopted in committee, it will have important implications whether the rapporteur negotiates with the Council on the basis of a mandate from the committee or the plenary.

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Axel Naver

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