Deep-sea quotas: Council exceeds Commission proposal

The Council Thursday increased the 2013–14 total allowable catch (TAC) compared to the Commission’s proposal for half of the deep-sea fish stocks.

As the tables downloadable below show, the Council increased quotas compared to the Commission’s proposal in 12 out of 24 deep-sea stocks. None were decreased compared to the Commission’s proposal.

Although this may seem like a negative result for vulnerable deep-sea fish stocks, it could have been worse if several member states had not expressed their support for the precautionary principle, a Council source said.

At a press conference after the meeting Maria Damanaki, the Fisheries Commissioner, said that the political climate in the Council “is improving in general.” She added: “I am very happy because we are all moving in the same direction.”

More information:
> Download Council press release with a table of the TACs.
> Download table comparing Council decision with Commission proposal.
> Watch the press conference

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Axel Naver

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