Basic regulation compromise amendments finalised

The compromise amendments for the basic regulation have been finalised. Ulrike Rodust (S&D, Germany), the rapporteur, 28 November sent the compromises to translation.

> Download the 104 compromise amendments on the CFP basic regulation

The MEPs in the fisheries committee earlier this year tabled more than 2500 amendments to the most important file in the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

The compromise amendments, negotiated among a group of ‘shadow rapporteurs’ (one MEP from each group) over the course of the last few months, will facilitate the voting in the fisheries committee by reducing the total number of amendments to be voted on.

These compromise amendments were finalised and sent to translation yesterday, 28 November, in order for them to be available in other languages ahead of the committee vote 18 December.

How to read these amendments? Compare them to the Commission’s proposal. Changes to the Commission’s original text are marked in bold italics.

Update 6.12.2012: Download a corrigendum adjusting technical mistakes in the compromise amendments.

Axel Naver

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