Vote this week: making sustainable seafood choice easier

MEPs will vote this week on rules to facilitate a sustainable choice of seafood in the supermarket.

Consumers who want to buy sustainable fish are today having trouble finding relevant information. What gear was used to catch the fish? When was the fish caught? Is the fish stock healthy?

On Wednesday the European Parliament will vote in plenary on new rules on fish labelling, as part of Struan Stevenson’s report on the organisation of the market in fishery products. The report proposes that the specific fish stock should be mandatory information on the product label, as opposed to only the catch area.

Previously, in the Fisheries Committee, MEPs debated whether the date of catch should also be mandatory information on fish which is sold fresh, but the Committee decided that only the date of landing should be mandatory.

Another controversial issue is whether the EU should establish its own eco-label or just set minimum standards for eco-labels. Stevenson’s report also aims to encourage cooperation between fish producers and enhance the role of Producer Organisations.

Stevenson’s report on the market organisation is the first legislative proposal in the CFP reform to be voted in plenary in the European Parliament. This session MEPs will also vote on two non-legislative reports in the reform: Carl Haglund’s report on reporting obligations and Nikolaos Salavrakos’ report on the overarching communication.

Find the draft reports, amendments and voting lists here:
* Regulation on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products (Rapporteur: Struan Stevenson)
* Overarching Communication (Rapporteur: Nikolaos Salavrakos)
* Reporting Obligations (Rapporteur: Carl Haglund)

Axel Naver

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