Key fisheries vote delayed in European Parliament

Ulrike Rodust has asked to postpone the Committee vote on the main report in the fisheries reform, the basic regulation, to 28 November.

The Basic Regulation is the cornerstone in the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, as it contains the basic provisions on how fish stocks are to be managed. More than 2500 amendments have been tabled to the report, and the political groups in the European Parliament are busy negotiating compromises that would reduce the number of amendments to be voted on.

The vote in the Fisheries Committee was initially scheduled for 8 October, but as negotiations on the details in the report are taking more time than expected, the vote is now set to be postponed. The rapporteur, Ulrike Rodust, this week wrote an email to the shadow rapporteurs (MEPs from the political groups responsible for the negotiations), suggesting to move the vote on the basic regulation to 28 November 2012.

While the Fisheries Committee has not yet updated their official calendar, Ulrike Rodust has already scheduled several new negotiation meetings with the shadow rapporteurs in October.

It is not yet clear when the plenary vote can take place, but January has been mentioned as a possible date by staff working with the dossier.

Axel Naver

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