Here are all the amendments to the basic regulation

Three weeks ago, MEPs tabled 2322 amendments to Ulrike Rodust’s draft report on the basic regulation in the fisheries reform. With Rodust’s 227 proposed changes to the Commission’s reform proposal, the total number of amendments reaches 2549. Given the large number of amendments it has naturally taken some time for the fisheries committee secretariat to compile them all, but here they are now:

Download the documents:
Rodust Draft report (=Amendments 1–227)
Amendments 228–523
Amendments 524-906
Amendments 907–1309
Amendments 1310–1687
Amendments 1688–2004
Amendments 2005–2367
Amendments 2368–2549

The amendments are only available in English at this stage. The fisheries committee secretariat has notified MEPs that the remaining languages will be translated as follows:

* DE, FR, IT, ES, PT, PL and EL versions will be available on 20 July.
* Remaining languages: translations will be available on 3 September.

The vote will take place in the Fisheries Committee in October and in plenary in November.

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