Parliament: CFP reform’s most important draft report revealed

Months of discussions in the European Parliament about the main item in the fisheries reform – the Basic Regulation – have now resulted in a concrete legislative proposal that will be reviewed by MEPs.

Ulrike Rodust

A few days ago the rapporteur, Ulrike Rodust (S&D), sent her draft report to translation. CFP Reform Watch has a copy for you to download. Below is a summary of some of Rodust’s proposals (please note that the references to amendments is not exhaustive):

  • Special rules shall apply to the Mediterranean Sea. Where member states do not apply fishing concessions, they shall establish a system of territorially based user rights for fishing (TURFs) to determine what vessels are allowed to fish where. (Amendments 176, 177)
  • Member states shall establish fish stock recovery areas in which all fishing is prohibited. 10 percent of the territorial waters shall be protected within three years of the entry into force of the regulation. (Amendment 68)
  • Council is pressured to set fishing opportunities that correspond to the MSY goals and with a long-term perspective, and a EP delegation shall be present at the Council meeting that establishes fishing opportunities. (Amendment 116)
  • A discard ban should be introduced on a fishery-by-fishery base. (Amendments 8, 103–107)
  • Transferability of fishing concessions should only be mandatory in case a member state fails to adjust its fishing capacity to available resources. (Amendments 13, 18, 143, 166, 167, 182)
  • Member states and the EU shall provide an adequate social safety net for fishers who need to leave the sector in cases where overcapacity has to be reduced. (Amendment 17)
  • It is pointed out that a healthy marine environment is a precondition for sustainable economic and social development in the fisheries sector. (Amendment 28)
  • With regards to maximum sustainable yield (MSY), exploitation rates should be adjusted with the aim of achieving the biomass of Bmsy by 2015. If a fishery lacks a multiannual plan, the exploitation rates shall be set below the fishing mortality Fmsy. (Amendments 29, 118)
  • Member states shall envisage giving prioritised access and other incentives for low-impact fishing practices. (Amendments 61, 64, 156)
  • Member states shall conduct pilot projects aimed at improving selectivity in fisheries, by the end of 2014. (Amendment 99)
  • Member states that do not comply with the rules of the CFP shall have their payments suspended or interrupted. (Amendment 214)
  • At least half the seats in advisory councils (previously Regional advisory councils) shall be given to representatives from outside the fisheries sector. (Amendment 223)

What’s next?
The draft report will be presented officially at the next Fisheries Committee meeting, 21 May in Strasbourg. Before that date, the English version of the report will be translated into other languages.

Other Committee members may then draft amendments to the report. The report is scheduled to be voted in Fisheries Committee 10 or 11 July 2012.

The Fisheries Committee may take into account the opinions of the Committees for Development, Budget, Environment and Regional Development. The Environment Committee will vote on its opinion tomorrow, 8 May.

Download the document
> Rodust Draft Report on the basic regulation

Axel Naver

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