MEP calls for sanctions against countries that do not report fisheries data

There needs to be sanctions against member states that do not deliver data on fishing capacity, MEP Carl Haglund says.

In the Fisheries Committee today, Carl Haglund presented his draft report on reporting obligations, which is one of the six parts of the CFP reform package.

“First, we need to define overcapacity and set limits and targets for every member state, and then require measures to tackle overcapacity. There, transferable fishing concessions can be one of many possible measures,” Carl Haglund said, referring to the European Commission’s proposal to use transferable fishing concessions as the main tool to reduce overcapacity.

The rapporteur also emphasised that proper data collection is needed in order to follow up that overcapacity is tackled.

“We know that we have a problem with data delivery from several member states. There needs to be possible sanctions against countries who do not cooperate with the Commission giving them correct and reliable data on the state of their fishing capacity,” Carl Haglund said.

Member states must report engine power before end of 2012
Maria Damanaki announced at the meeting that the European Commission will force member states to provide complete data on engine power of their fleets before the end of 2012.

“We are trying some ways to have a new definition of overcapacity. In the meantime we are going to focus on the engine power figure,” Maria Damanaki said.

The discussion on how to address overcapacity will continue on the Committee on Thursday when MEPs will have an exchange of views on the European Court of Auditors’ special report on fishing capacity.

Report on external dimension
At the Committee meeting today, MEP Isabella Lövin also presented her draft report on the external dimension of the CFP.

Axel Naver

Looking for the European Parliament’s CFP reform documents? You’ll them at our page European Parliament: documents and timetables.

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