Parliament calls for end to management plan deadlock

Two non-legislative resolutions were passed in the European Parliament on Thursday. One resolution called on a solution to the deadlock of the multi-annual management plans and the other recognised the public goods provided by fisheries.

Multi-annual management plans
Given that multi-annual plans are vital tools to preserve fish stocks, MEPs call on the Commission and the Council swiftly to resolve the current deadlock among Member States over the long-term management plans, such as that for the western stock of Atlantic horse mackerel, which has been blocked in the Council since November 2010.

Long-term management plans should apply to as many fish stocks as possible and must be decided jointly by the Parliament and the Council, under the ordinary legislative procedure, MEPs said.

> Read the resolution on Horse Mackerel

Contribution of the CFP to the production of public goods
MEPs underlined that sustainable, environmentally-friendly and properly-managed fisheries could make a greater contribution to achieving the goals of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy and the Europe 2020 Growth Strategy and also to EU food security, employment and the maintenance of dynamic fishing communities.

Fishermen should be encouraged to use environmentally-friendly fishing practices by “positive discrimination” measures, such as giving them better access to EU funds. Parliament also asked the Commission to ensure that fishermen would be permitted to have other sources of income without being financially penalised.

> Read the resolution on public goods

> Watch the video from the debate

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