Environment Committee draft opinion on basic regulation

Chris Davies’ draft of the Environment Committee’s opinion on the Basic Regulation is now available.

In his draft opinion, draftsman Chris Davies (ALDE, UK) supports the European Commission’s overall objectives but proposes a number of amendments. Some of his proposals:

* Multiannual management plans should be in place by 2014 or 2015, depending on the area.
* There should be serious penalties for infringing the discard ban: suspended allocation of fishing opportunities to the vessel in question for a period of up to three years.
* He adds a list of criteria which member states may impose on transferable fishing concessions.
* Among a number of measures to make aquaculture more sustainable, it is proposed that the quantities of aquaculture feed obtained from wild capture fisheries should not threaten the achievement of MSY in conventional fisheries.

Other MEPs may now table amendments before 6 March. The Environment Committee will vote on the opinion on 25 April. Before that date, the document will become available in other languages.

Before the Fisheries Committee votes on the reports in the CFP reform, other committees may draft opinions on the reports. For the Basic Regulation, the Environment Committee and Development Committees will draft opinions. Chris Davies is the rapporteur for the Environment Committee’s opinion on the Basic Regulation, and he published his draft opinion last week.

Download the document
> ENVI Committee draft opinion (English)

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