European Parliament rejects EU-Morocco deal

The European Parliament today rejected the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement.

326 MEPs voted against the agreement, 296 voted in favour of it, and 58 abstained.

The fisheries deal, which has effectively been in force since February awaiting the Parliament’s verdict, will now have to be suspended.

After the vote, fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki said the Commission will fully respect today’s vote and that she will tomorrow propose to the Council that it repeals the provisional application of the Protocol.

In a written statement, Damanaki wrote: “We don’t know if a new Fisheries Protocol with Morocco is possible. We are going to explore all the possible ways forward.”

She added: “In any case – as I have already stated on several occasions – if a new fisheries Protocol with Morocco were to be proposed and agreed, it would have to give convincing answers to the key issues of environmental sustainability, economic profitability and international legality.”

Morocco quickly ordered EU vessels to leave Moroccan waters immediately.

The European Parliament also adopted a resolution with demands on future fisheries agreements with Morocco.

Axel Naver

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