Court of Auditors criticises fisheries fund

The European Court of Auditors today strongly criticised the EU and its member states for failing to reduce fleet overcapacity.

Today the European Court of Auditors (ECA) released the results of an audit that assessed whether EU measures effectively contributed to adapting the capacity of the fleets to available fishing opportunities.

Although the reduction of fishing overcapacity has been a recurrent theme in previous reforms of the CFP, current measures have failed, according to the audit.

The ECA writes in a news release that they found important weaknesses in the framework:

  • the framework, design and implementation of measures to balance fishing capacity with available fishing opportunities is unsatisfactory;
  • the existing definitions of fishing capacity no longer adequately reflect the ability of fishing vessels to catch fish; ceilings do not impose real restrictions on fishing capacity;
  • although the alignment of fishing capacity to fishing opportunities is one of the cornerstones of the CFP
  • and the EFF, fishing overcapacity has not been defined or quantified;
  • Member States have not done their part under the CFP to put effective measures in place to match
  • fishing capacity with opportunities;
  • Four of the seven Member States examined had set inadequate targets for reducing fishing capacity.

ECA Press release
Special report No 12/2011: “Have EU measures contributed to adapting the capacity of the fishing fleets to available fishing opportunities?”

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