Companies fined for infractions continue to receive subsidies, investigation finds

An investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), published yesterday, reveals that more than 80 percent of subsidized fishing companies that were fined in Spain for fishing infractions – and then lost subsequent court appeals – continued to receive subsidies.

The Spanish fishing industry has received more than €5.8 billion (more than $8 billion) in subsidies from the EU and Spain since 2000 – far more than the industry of any other EU country.

The ICIJ published two stories Sunday 2 October:
Nearly €6 billion in subsidies fuel Spain’s ravenous fleet
Spain doles out millions in aid despite fishing company’s record

Greenpeace also released a report on the same subject, quoted in The Independent. The report says that Spanish fishermen suspected of landing illegal catches are receiving multimillion-euro payouts from European Union taxpayers.

Among the newspapers that have published the ICIJ stories are
El País: Pescadores de lista negra
EU Observer: EU subsidies fuel Spain’s ravenous fleet
Huffington Post: Spain Fishing Fleet Fueled By Major Subsidies, Report Finds

Update October 4: ICIJ today published a second story in their investigation on Spanish fisheries. Spain’s seafood appetite threatens Namibia’s most valuable fish

Update October 6: ICIJ today published the third story in their investigation: Hake hoax in Spanish markets

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