Power cut cancels fisheries committee meeting

More than two months after the Commission presented its proposal for CFP reform, the European Parliament has still not allocated the reform reports to MEPs. A power cut today added even more suspense to the allocation process.

Around 14:00 today, Monday 19 September, the electricity went out in the European Parliament (EP) and several other buildings in the EU quarters in Brussels, following a fire in a transformer station.

The EP buildings were evacuated as a precautionary measure. Thus, the fisheries committee meeting that was scheduled for 15:00 this afternoon could not take place.

This means that those who had been waiting for today’s vote on the allocation of the CFP reports, or for the vote on the EU–Morocco trade liberalisation agreement, will have to wait a little longer.

It is not yet decided when a rescheduled committee meeting will take place.

Axel Naver

Read more about the power outage in EuropeanVoice or Le Soir.

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