Commission releases proposal for multiannual management of Baltic salmon

On 12 August the European Commission released its long awaited draft Regulation for a multiannual plan for the sustainable management of Baltic salmon.

The new draft Regulation aims to achieve the sustainable exploitation of all salmon river stocks in the Baltic Sea according to the principle of maximum sustainable yield (MSY), to ensure the conservation status of the Baltic stock.

The Commission committed to developing a salmon management plan for the EU after the previous non binding plans created by the International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commission (which ceased to exist in 1997) ended in 2006. In 2009 the European Commission held a public consultation to guage stakeholder views.

According to scientific advice, salmon stocks in a number of rivers are outside safe biological limits and run a risk of genetic depletion.

The draft Regulation now passes to the Council and the European Parliament, who need to approve the plan. This is not expected before 2012.

Julie Cator

European Commission press release
Proposal for a Regulation establishing a multiannual plan for Baltic salmon COM(2011) 470 final

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