Pre-launch comments anticipate tough reform process

With just two days to go until commissioner Maria Damanaki presents the proposal for CFP reform, several columnists are analysing the situation.

In his comment on, Jason Holland writes: “Certainly in recent months it’s become apparent the Commissioner’s wish list of proposals doesn’t have the necessary volume of support to make their passing anything close to a walk in the park.”

In a column published last week in Nature, marine ecologist Rainer Froese presents a grim view of the present situation, but concludes: “The sad state of European fish stocks is not a failure that good management simply could not overcome.”

According to a column by David Cronin in New Europe, the Commission’s proposal has been formulated “following a ‘consultation’ exercise that has proven to be a sham”. The expected proposal is tailored to satisfy big industry demands, he writes.

How to follow the launch on Wednesday?
The Commission will hold a press conference on the CFP reform on Wednesday 13 July, at 12:30, which can be followed live on EbS.

Commissioner Maria Damanaki – @MariaDamanakiEU – will be chatting about the reform on Twitter, Thursday 14 July, 11:00 am.

Of course, keep visiting to follow the latest news on the CFP reform.

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