Will a future with fish be more than just sci-fi?

Public voices from European Fish Week will soon be delivered to fisheries ministers. The message: bring our fish back.

In the 1985 sci-fi movie “Back to the future“, Michael J Fox used a time machine to travel back to the 1950s. His device could come in handy for those who would like to experience a time before European fish stocks became overexploited.

“Back to the future” is also the slogan of European Fish Week, which is hosting 40 events around Europe this week.

“In the not so distant past, fish stocks were healthier and fisheries dependent communities were wealthier,” the organisers, Ocean2012, write on their website. During European Fish Week, this story is told through photo exhibitions in ten countries. Contemporary photos of fisheries are displayed next to historic photos showing how bountiful the seas once were.

Ocean2012 reported Wednesday that there has already been plenty of public response to the exhibitions, which will continue until Sunday. People are encouraged to tell their own stories of the past richness of the seas.

Without time machines, we need to rely on improved fisheries management to see bountiful seas. Ocean2012 will therefore compile all the public concerns raised during European Fish Week and deliver them to fisheries ministers around Europe.

In Ireland, the compilation will be delivered mid-July. In some countries, ministers will receive the message already this week.

The EU Common Fisheries Policy is up for reform. With policy change, hopefully, overfishing can end and a future with fish in the seas will not only be science fiction.

The photo exhibitions also include brand new infographics on the state of the oceans, which can be seen here.

Axel Naver

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