WWF: “9 in 10 Europeans want sustainable fish”

A majority of EU citizens want the fish they buy to come from sources that are sustainable and not overfished, according to a poll commissioned by WWF.

At the event, MEPs signed fish cards and posted them onto a ‘sea board’ to help ‘repopulate’ the seas, to show their constituents that they are listening and that they also support an ambitious reform. Here: Kriton Arsenis (S&D) and Maria do Ceu Patrao Neves (EPP). Photo: WWF.

The poll results were released on Tuesday, showing that 88 percent of respondents in 14 countries believe it is important that fish products on sale within the European Union come from non-overfished stocks.

With a majority of European fish stocks currently being overfished, European citizens express that CFP reform is urgent.

78 percent of respondents support a CFP reform that aims to ensure all European fish products are from sustainable stocks.

The poll was presented at an event in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

At the event, MEP Maria do Ceu Patrao Neves (EPP) said: “We won’t have another chance to make it right,” referring to the CFP reform.

Commenting on the poll, fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki issued a statement, saying “Europeans want a reformed Fisheries Policy. We are working on a proposal for a changed policy which will hopefully meet their demands.”

Axel Naver

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