Busy fish week ahead

There are plenty of fishy activities going on in Brussels the upcoming week.

European Seafood Exposition 3–5 May
The European Seafood Exposition is the world’s largest seafood fair and runs 3–5 May 2011 at Brussels Exhibition & Conference Centre.

Everybody will talk about the Japan crisis, the growing demand for Seafood in Asia and rising farmed salmon prices. At least according to Steve Hedlund, SeafoodSource editor, as he sums up what he expects to be the five most talked about topics during the three-day event.

Visit the exposition website: www.euroseafood.com

How much fish can be safely caught? – 3 May
The Greens/EFA invite you to a public hearing in the European Parliament with the title “How much fish can be safely caught?”

From the programme: “The reform must ensure a CFP in which decisions on fisheries management do not lead to further depletion of fish stocks but allow them to recover to abundant levels.”

The importance of independent scientific advice will be addressed, and the Australian approach to management will be explained.

Link: More information at Greens/EFA website

Stakeholder hearing on discards – 3 May
The Commission will organise an exchange of views with stakeholders, following the high level meeting with member states that was held 1 March.

Before the debate, there will be two presentations:
Processing of formerly discarded species – Recovery, management, reusing of discards in Atlantic and Mediterranean.

MSY exploitation and all fish landed achieved by transferable catch quotas and full documentation.

Link: Full programme at Commission website

Securing the Future of our Fisheries Resources – 4 May
The S&D group organises a public hearing in the European Parliament.

Among the questions that will be discussed:
How do we manage to leave the “overfishing-trap” without ruining our fishermen?

Would banning or minimising discards be sufficient to stop wasting our fisheries resources or it is necessary to combine them with other measures to put an end to wasting?

Link: More information at S&D website

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