What the fishing sector wants from the new CFP

Two fishermen organisations have published their demands on the reform of the CFP.

In a document released last week, Europêche and Copa-Cogeca demand that “economic, social and environmental sustainability must be combined” in the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. This is in contrast to the view that the CFP must make environmental sustainability the main target, put forward by a parliamentary campaign group recently.

More specifically, Europêche and Copa-Cogeca write that the EU “cannot systematically apply the precautionary principle and then leave the onus on Member States or economic agents to come up with proof to the contrary”.

On the issue of discards, Europêche and Copa-Cogeca write: “Unlike the Commission, which in a recent non-paper proposed a radical, very short-term ban on discards, the sector recommends a gradual approach, working in close collaboration with scientists and the sector.”

Europêche is an association representing shipowners, fishermen and employers in 11 countries. Copa-Cogeca is a farmers association which also includes includes fisheries cooperatives.

The document also contains policy positions on issues such as market policy, aquaculture support, subsidies and individual transferable rights.

Read the document: The reform of the CFP – the essential demands of the sector

Axel Naver

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