European Parliament calls for a scientific and precautionary approach in the Arctic

European Parliament today approved a report which will be important for the exploitation of fish in the oceans around the North Pole: Report on a sustainable EU policy for the High North by rapporteur Michael Gahler (EPP).

There is a growing economic interest in exploiting the natural resources of the Arctic, such as oil, gas and fish. The EU has no comprehensive policy for the Arctic yet, but the report approved today sends a message to the Commission that the European Parliament calls for more scientific studies to be made before further exploitation of natural resources take place.

The adopted report concludes that “the Arctic ecosystem is currently going trough massive climate-related changes and that this situation requires that a precautionary and scientifically robust approach be taken to any future development in the Arctic”.

Find the report here:
Report on a sustainable EU policy for the High North

These amendments were approved by the European Parliament:
Amendment 2

More information about the report:
The Legislative Observatory

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