Eel trade ban extended until end of 2011

The Commission decided on December 6 to extend the temporary import and export ban on European eels. The Committee on Trade in Wild Flora and Fauna, assisting the Commission in implementing the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES, concluded to extend the ban of export and import of European eels following the unanimous recommendation from it´s scientific advisory body, the Scientific Review Group.

This ban will stay in place until the Scientific Review Group reassesses the situation at the end of 2011. However, both the Chair of the Scientific Review Group and the representative of DG Mare pointed out that the eel stock is very unlikely to recover until then.

The meeting also discussed the option of upgrading the European eel on the CITES annexes, from annex B to annex A, which would give increased protection. No decision was taken, but it will continue to be discussed with both fisheries and CITES administrations during 2011.

The summary from the meeting is found here.

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