Commission decides to implement a temporary export ban on eels

The Commission decided on October 27 to implement a temporary export ban on European eels. The decision is pending a possible EU-wide agreement, and will come into effect from November 1.

Pursuant to article 5 of the Council Regulation (EC) No 338/97, an export permit may be issued, only when (among other conditions) “the competent scientific authority has advised in writing that the capture or collection of the specimens in the wild or their export will not have a harmful effect on the conservation status of the species or on the extent of the territory occupied by the relevant population of the species;”.

The Commission points out that in the current situation for the European eel, there is a wide acceptance among the Member States that any export will have harmful effects on the conservation status of the eel.

1 November sees the opening of the glass eel fishing season in Asturias, reports

The recruitment level of the European eel has decreased more than 99 % in only 30 years. According to EU legislation, Member States must take measures that allow 40 % of adult eels to escape from inland waters to the sea.

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