Greenpeace exposes illegal cod fishing by Danish vessels

The NGO Greenpeace has handed over to the police evidence that five Danish vessels have been fishing illegally in an area of the Kattegat Sea that is closed to all fishing. The zone was established by Sweden and Denmark on 1 January 2009 in order to protect seriously threatened cod stocks.

Greenpeace had secretly placed monitoring equipment on board six vessels under 15 metres in order to follow their activities. Vessels above this length are legally required by European Union (EU) rules to carry Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). Greenpeace allegedly has photos of trawl nets being used in the no fishing zone and GPS data shows vessels travelling at low speeds, typical of trawling activity.

It is not the first time that Danish vessels have been caught illegally fishing. The Swedish Board of Fisheries and coast guard confirmed that twenty Danish vessels have already been caught in the act of fishing in the zone over the course of a year.

Greenpeace photographic and GPS evidence (in Swedish)

Article in FIS: Greenpeace catches Danish vessels fishing illegally

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