Voluminous CFP diagnosis report now available at CFP-reformwatch.eu

The Commission staff working document A Diagnosis of the Common Fisheries Policy, informally called the “Frankenstein” report, is now available at this website. The Commission has expressed the intention to publish the report but has not yet done so.

The introduction states that this document is the result of a Commission internal working group tasked with analyzing and diagnosing both the status of EU fisheries and the performance of the various policy instruments in the CFP. The Commission writes in the introduction that the document is indended only to back up and clarify the  Green Paper, and should be considered as a technical annex which can serve as a reference.  Specifically it is for the use of the participants in the consultation and public debate on the Green Paper.

The report has has 20 chapters. For size reasons, the report is split into the different chapters.

Index and introduction (link to pdf)

A   Recent trends and status of EU fisheries

1    Ecological sustainability of European fisheries (link to pdf)

2    The Economic performance of fisheries and aquaculture in the EU (link to pdf)

3    EU demand, markets and trade (link to pdf)

4    Social and regional issues (link to pdf)

5    Resource rent, subsidies and cost of management (link to pdf)

B   Performance of instruments in the CFP

6    The objectives of the CFP (link to pdf)

7    Stock management (link to pdf)

8    The environmental performance of the CFP (link to pdf)

9    Control and enforcement (link to pdf)

10  Fleet capacity (link to pdf)

11  Structural policy and state aid (link to pdf)

12  Markets and trade policy (link to pdf)

13  International fisheries and EU external fleet (link to pdf)

14  Allocation of access to fishing (link to pdf)

15  The scientific basis for decision making (link to pdf)

16  The inter-institutional decision making process (link to pdf)

17  Integration across the pillars of the CFP (link to pdf)

18  Integration with cross sectoral policies (link to pdf)

19  Regional issue (link to pdf)

20  External challenges: Climate change (link to pdf)

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