Commission synthesis of CFP reform Green Paper consultation

The European Commission has published a report summarising the contributions received during the public consultation on the reform of the CFP. The consultation, from April to December 2009, was opened following the launch of the Commission’s CFP reform Green Paper.

Almost 400 contributions were received from industry, civil society organisations, academia, Member State agencies and administrations and the general public. The own initiative report of the European Parliament was also taken into consideration.

The Commission draws no conclusions at this early stage of the reform process. However the summary does show a measure of consensus on the need for a reform of the CFP, although there are widely diverse reactions on how that should be achieved. On several issues there is some measure of agreement on the need to strengthen the objective of ecological sustainability, to tackle overcapacity, to take a more regional approach and to view the small scale fisheries sector differently from the rest of the EU fleet. Many contributions also highlight the need to keep relative stability.

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