EU / 2014-04-07
Plenary vote for the EMFF scheduled for 16 April.
EU / 2014-04-02
Council, Parliament and Commission agree on a common understanding on what fisheries plans should contain.
EU / 2014-01-29
EMFF can now be formally approved by the Parliament in April.
EU / 2013-12-19
Parliament team walk out from negotiations Thursday night, accusing Council and Commission for blackmailing.
EU / 2013-12-10
European Parliament formally adopts basic regulation and market regulation.
EU / 2013-12-10
EU / 2013-11-27
EU / 2013-11-26
Belize, Cambodia and Guinea proposed for blacklist.
EU / 2013-11-25
LIFE (Low Impact Fishermen of Europe) represents more than 1,000 fishers from all over Europe.
EU / 2013-10-30
EU / 2013-10-23
Results of the plenary vote on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 23 October.


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